Your Host, Yvonne

Years before sustainable, repurpose, locavore and foodie became part of the hip lexicon, Yvonne was cooking with herbs and vegetables from her gardens, "putting up" delicious herbal jellies, and drying sheets in fresh air and sunshine.  The furnishings of Halcyon Place were collected slowly over many years and carefully curated to provide beauty and utility.  Patient restoration has insured that Elizabeth Tolbert's home has gracefully aged into the 21st century.  For the past 30 years, Yvonne has followed and supported the growth of the Finger Lakes wine industry. She will happily divulge her list of favorites!

A self-taught herbalist, Yvonne has created a number of gardens at Halcyon Place.  Many of the plants were started from seed in her greenhouse.  Yvonne continues to share her love of herbs with others.  She is the founder of the Halcyon Herb Festival, a member of the International Herb Association, and a frequent lecturer on myriad herbal topics.

 Yvonne moved to the Finger Lakes as a young music teacher.  She continued to teach music and perform as a percussionist in the Southern Tier for 34 years.  Currently, Yvonne is a Career Development Resource Specialist for the Career Development Council.  From January-May 2015, Yvonne resided in Finland as a recipient of a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching.  An intrepid traveler, she roamed from Helsinki to Lapland, St.Petersburg to Venice, Croatia to Berlin.  If you would like to learn more about her Fulbright journey, you may wish to read her blog,

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